Benefits of CET (Combined Electrochemical Therapy)

If you have numbness, tingling, burning pain or unpleasant feelings in your feet or your hands, then you may have Painful Peripheral Neuropathy (PPN). You may feel like you are walking on coals or something is stabbing your feet. Your balance can be a problem, and sleeping may be difficult because of the pain.

If these symptoms describe how you feel, then an exciting new technique called CET (Combined Electrochemical Therapy) offers you an amazing opportunity to heal your damaged nerves which will reduce your pain and restore your ability to function normally every day.

Thousands of patients with neuropathy who have been treated with CET have had significant relief of their pain and improvement in how they live:

A new mother developed cancer shortly after the birth of her first child. The chemotherapy that she received caused her to feel like she was walking on hot coals, and prevented her from pushing her infant in a stroller. After receiving CET, her burning pain was not only gone, but she also was able to run a marathon.

Over the past nine years, Dr. Carney has been the only physician in Michiana to use CET. He has been published extensively and presented his results to physicians from all over the world. To start on the path for pain relief today, call Dr. Carney’s office at 574-389-7737 or contact him online.