Leg & Foot Pain

Leg and foot pain can come on acutely or be present chronically.

The most common causes include:

Sprains or Strains



These acute types of pain do not require the care provided by Dr. Carney.

If the leg and foot pain becomes chronic and no obvious cause has been found, or if the foot and leg pain is due to problems in the back or neuropathy, then Dr. Carney can often be of help.

Leg Pain

Leg pain frequently comes from problems with the leg or back problems but can be felt in one or both legs even without pain in the back. Careful use of the patient’s history, physical exam, and diagnostic tests help Dr. Carney to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain. Accurate diagnosis improves the safety and effectiveness of your care.

Foot Pain

Damage to the nerves in the foot causes a condition called neuropathy. When symptoms include numbness, tingling or burning in your feet, when you have trouble walking because of balance problems, or when the bed covers bother your feet, then neuropathy may be the cause of your problem.

Dr. Carney is the only physician in Michiana that has a TREATMENT that heals the nerves that cause the symptoms rather than just masking the symptoms by taking medications.

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