Steroid Injections for Back Pain

For some people experiencing back pain, time is all they need to heal. For these individuals, the pain will calm down over a series of weeks (or months) and they will slowly be able to return to their normal life. But for some, these measures are simply not effective enough.

If you are suffering from back pain that just won’t let up, Dr. Carney may recommend steroid injections to ease the pain and inflammation. These shots will consist of a steroid and a local anesthetic.

Back injections treat inflammation or damage to a nerve, usually in the lower back. The problem tends to originate where the nerve exits the spine and is frequently caused by a herniated disc. Spinal stenosis is another ailment that back injections treat. Spinal stenosis compresses the nerves inside the spinal canal causing pain in the buttock or leg. Activity usually worsens your pain.

There are different kinds of back injections, including:

Epidural Injections

Epidural injections place a steroid medicine, called a corticosteroid, and an anesthetic around the nerves. The pain-relieving effects are ideal for patients with a moderate amount of pain.

Facet Injections

Dr. Carney injects the area around the joint (facet) with a local anesthetic that numbs the nerve. Following the nerve block, you may have numbness with near to complete pain relief that wears off after several hours.

What To Expect

Once the shot has been administered, you will almost certainly experience a tremendous difference in your amount of pain. It is important to note that back injections do not change the course of a chronic back condition but do provide temporary pain relief. Working with Dr. Carney on a long-term treatment plan offers you a great chance to help your back pain and your concerns for the future.

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